Kwality Biscuits

Our belief is that if the product is excellent then the customer will be yours for life, which is why we concentrate our resources in making sure that our product quality is top notch. Baking is an art where temperature, light and humidity play a vital role. We have this under control at our plant at Duhabi, Nepal, the plant which is 100 % CFC free - climate controlled. Hygiene standards for us cannot be compromised so the entire plant is completely dust proof.Our commitment to our consumer is reflected in our commitment to the quality of our product.


This holds true to all other aspects of our business dealings as well.Our commitment to the best quality product ensures that we keep our Production lines upgraded .We source the finest baking lines from the leading Engineering Companies from India and Abroad. Our current manufacturing capacity is 18 to 20tpd depending on the quality of product, dough characteristics, which probably makes us one among the largest single plant in Nepal.
"Further capacity expansion due Year 2003-04 to 50 Tpd, making it one of the largest in this part of world."


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Tasty Tasty Quiz 2074

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