Kwality Confectionery Private Limited is the flagship of the KABRA GROUP, spanning diverse products and services like confectionery, chewing-gums, bubble gums, Chocolate coated and plain wafers etc. Kwality confectionery has grown to be a multi-product, multi-market giant and continues to be one of the largest manufacturer of confectionery and toffees in Nepal since 2001. Kwality has a wide range of more than 60 varieties of candies, toffees, wafers etc. Kwality's has always endeavored to satisfy the customers changing wants and desires with its special emphasis on quality, range and cost effectiveness. Kwality's is endeavoring to make a niche for itself in the Nepal market by paying special attention to quality and hygiene. The Company is strictly following the code of good manufacturing practice as given ISO standards (though it is not a member of the same it is following the guidelines).


Kwality is the company in Nepal producing Chocolate Coated and Plain wafers, using an innovative technology. Kwality has a well-equipped research and development laboratory, where continuous product testing and product development is organized.


Kwality produces its confectionery with a main factory at Duhabi, Sunsari Nepal. Kwality has a very extensive well-organized distribution system throughout Nepal and India. KWALITY CONFECTIONERY LIMITED has Branch, Regional Offices at Kathmandu and KOLKATA and many depots and C&Fs throughout Nepal. Kwality products are distributed through stockiest within Nepal and reach more than 40,000 outlets throughout the country.


Kwality Current research extends to processing of pulp and also a host of health and dietary products. Kwality is keenly interested in being a leader not only in confectionery, but also in processed fruit processed products.


Over the years the company has not only implemented latest State-of-the-art technology, but also integrated vertically to give itself an edge over its competitors.

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