Tasty-Tasty : Launched in October 1996,Tasty-Tasty is Nepal's first tea-time Salt and Sweet Biscuit with extra Glucose and Milk for added nutrition. It's a first metalized cover biscuit in Nepal.A rectangle shape is to ensure a uniform bake for a better bite and taste. To add to its premium ingredients, taste and shape, it is packaged in an attractive Silver colored, metallise lamination for a longer shelf life. Briefly, its very very Tasty-Tasty Biscuits.    




Product: Tasty-Tasty (75 GM)
Packing: 1 X12 Pkts
Cartoon: 1 X 8 Doz
Price: Rs. 10/-
Nutrition: Energy-270 Kcal
  Protein-5.04 gm
  Fat-15.3 gm
  CarboHyd-49.2 gm
  Calcium-37.5 mg
  Sodium-37.5 gm












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